Russian Twitter swept viral spam Cell phones

Russian Twitter swept viral spam Cell phonesRussian-speaking segment of the microblogging service Twitter was flooded by a wave of spam containing links to malicious resources. In each such account to download any file on the following link: distribution of the game Lineage II to audio books and documents, in particular, certain "guidelines airlines of Russia". Representatives of the carrier were in his microblog with a warning about the dangers of downloading such files. To malicious links bots attach several popular hashtags such as "#Russia", "#news", "#Internet and#Moscow". Hashtags are used in Twitter to search for thematic messages, but now under a standard user account with these words several times smaller than the spam messages. Started a wave of spam at least the morning of January 25. Читать полностью -->

Google Maps will make the game (video) - Cell phones

Google Maps will make the game (video) - Cell phonesGoogle will make a browser-based game based navigation of a web service "Google Maps". When its development is completed, it will appear in the games section of" the social network Google . According to the blog The Next Web, creating games is using WebGL library that supports displaying 3D models directly in the browser without any additional plug-ins. Judging by the video, the gameplay will be to trace the ball through the obstacles, to guide him in the right places and get points for it. Arcade game, which are the developers of Google Maps will be ready in the next month. From the teaser it is also clear that the purpose of the game was released last but not least is caused to display the latest innovations in "Google Maps", including the ability to view detailed floor plans of airports, shopping centres and other premises on smartphones and tablets with Android OS. Читать полностью -->

Beta testing Microsoft Flight will begin in January - Cell phones

Beta testing Microsoft Flight will begin in January - Cell phonesNow starts beta testing of aircraft Microsoft Flight simulator, according to Microsoft Studios. In October 2006 on sale game Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and for five years now nothing else fans of hardcore simulations of civil aviation no. Developers occasionally promised to release a sequel, and it seems the project is still in its homestretch. The release is scheduled for 2012. In the list of platforms - only PC. But to fly, have to learn the purpose of each dial and toggle switch. Читать полностью -->

Developed an iOS version of the game The Bard's Tale (video) - Cell phones

Developed an iOS version of the game The Bard's Tale (video) - Cell phonesParody role-playing game the Bard's Tale will be released on the iPad tablet and iPhone smartphone, according to Studio InXile Entertainment. The original project was conceived in 1985 for the Apple II platform efforts Interplay. The game has become a benchmark for all projects attempting to impersonate any genre. In 2004 the Studio InXile tried to revive the game on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and in 2005 on the PC (the result, however, was rather doubtful). This version and will take on an iOS device. According to developers, we will have an exact copy of the "big" games. Читать полностью -->

The Guardian has launched a search news via Twitter - Cell phones

The Guardian has launched a search news via Twitter - Cell phonesBritish newspaper the Guardian has launched a Twitter-bot that allows users to find news on a particular subject. This was reported in the blog "Inside the Guardian. To obtain a collection of links on a particular topic, you should send the appropriate message ("reply") on the account @GuardianTagBot. In response, the bot sends a link to a page with search results that materials on the website of the newspaper. The service is primarily intended for those who go online from a mobile device. At the moment it is in beta stage, and to assess the quality of the bot page with search results. Читать полностью -->

BioWare has responded to the criticism of the final Mass Effect 3 - Cell phones

BioWare has responded to the criticism of the final Mass Effect 3 - Cell phonesDirector and Executive producer of the Mass Effect 3 Casey Hudson said the fans of the game, is unsatisfied with the outcome. "I didn't want to make a game played with and forgotten". Yes, people argue about what it means ending, what happened to the characters and what happens next - but this, in my opinion, and there is salt all history," said Hudson in an interview with Digital Trends. - "I have always loved it. In our game there will always be a mystery and the ability to interpret everything differently. And discuss it for a very long time". Читать полностью -->

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