Waterproof camcorder Sony Handycam GW77VE - Cell phones

Waterproof camcorder Sony Handycam GW77VE - Cell phonesDesigned for trips to the pool or on the beach, as well as for scuba snorkeling and just a fun family weekend, camcorder Sony Handycam GW77VE remains intact when immersed to a depth of 5 meters. Also she is not afraid of dust and can withstand falling from a height of 1.5 meters - owner does not have to worry if the device is accidentally get caught in the rain or fall into the water. For movie recording 1920 x 1080 / 50p novelty is equipped with Exmor R CMOS sensor and high-quality lens G series that can capture everything from wide-angle panoramas of up to expressive close-UPS. Advanced zoom lets you get an additional 17-fold increase in addition to optical 10-fold, and processing technology personnel "pixel zoom ensures clear images at any zoom. In the model implemented intelligent Sweep Panorama, which enables you to capture extra-wide panoramic images - just press the shutter button and hold the camera over the object. Also there are built-in timer to obtain a self-portrait and "autopilot" Intelligent Auto easy to recognize up to 99 types of scenes, changing the settings for best results. Читать полностью -->

System Steam Trading fully operational - Cell phones

System Steam Trading fully operational - Cell phonesValve reports that beta-testing system Steam Trading ended. From September 6, this mechanism operates in full force. Never heard about Steam Trading? - Tell: it is a system that allows Steam users to exchange in-game items and entire games. At the stage of beta testing subscribers could just change the items from the game Team Fortress 2. Since yesterday, the list has expanded to two more titles - Portal 2 and Spiral Knights. However, the greatest interest is the sharing of games. Читать полностью -->

57% of Western companies in the b2b market are looking for clients using e - mail, Cell phones

57% of Western companies in the b2b market are looking for clients using e - mail, Cell phonesAccording to a survey conducted by BtoB Magazine, 57% of Western companies operating in the b2b market to attract customers via e-mail. Only 20% of respondents identified as advertising options to attract customers, contextual advertising, and only 13% indicated social network. "Mail not expensive and quite effective way for small business, allowing them to Express themselves and to communicate with the client, - says the Director of the Bureau iTrex Benjamin bakalinskij. - The main problem here is the content. For anybody not a secret that today, the Internet is an ocean of information. What to tell the consumer and in what form to the newsletter gave results - that's the main thing for marketers". Читать полностью -->

World of Warcraft can come on an iPhone - Cell phones

World of Warcraft can come on an iPhone - Cell phonesStudio Blizzard does not exclude the possibility of the release of the mobile version of World of Warcraft (WoW). The most popular in the world of online RPG, in particular, can port for smartphones Apple iPhone and Android. This was stated by senior producer WoW John Lagrave in an interview with Eurogamer. In his words, to move a complex system of WoW on a small touchscreen display is extremely difficult, but Blizzard this possibility is not excluded. It is more likely that the company decides to release for iOS and Android a scaled down version of an online RPG with mini-games such as fishing, where gamers can catch some extra items for your character). Blizzard released World of Warcraft in November 2004. Читать полностью -->

Announced game Worms Revolution (video) - Cell phones

Announced game Worms Revolution (video) - Cell phonesStudio Team17 known for a series of combat "worm" games Worms, announced the development of a new project. We are waiting for a step-by-step artillery game Worms Revolution, developed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The novelty will appear in the third quarter, i.e. from July to September. The exact date and the first details of the promise to publish closer to release. The game is created on a new game engine". Читать полностью -->

Next month will begin testing the game Tribes: Ascend - Cell phones

Next month will begin testing the game Tribes: Ascend - Cell phonesClosed beta first person shooter Tribes: Ascend will appear on 4 November, according to Studio Hi-Rez. About the beginning of reception of applications for participation in the beta test of the game was announced in mid-September. It was planned that the trial version will release in late September or early October, but, alas, in the alpha version were discovered some flaws" - and beta release is pushed. In addition, the developers talk about the emergence of several new features in the "alpha" was not. For example, the system of character development. Access to the game will not open to everyone, but only those who will be selected by the developers. Читать полностью -->

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