From paper to screen: using the Cisco video technologies improves the quality of higher education - Cell phones

From paper to screen: using the Cisco video technologies improves the quality of higher education - Cell phonesIn the US teachers and students use Cisco for recording, processing and transmission of video content Educational institutions seek to use existing resources to prepare graduates for productive work in a competitive economy of the XXI century. Under these conditions, critical for the learning process to acquire the video, moreover, that the use of network technologies and highly scalable video applications helps the universities to remain competitive. Modern learning environments are increasingly involves not only the classes under the guidance of the teacher, and virtual interaction, so these American universities, as the Lone Star College and University West Texas A&M, installing, deploying Cisco, giving the ability to record, process and transmit educational materials. on 19 October during the annual EDUCAUSE conference, Cisco announced a new solution - Cisco Lecture Vision that allows teachers to create educational materials, edit them and send students. Unlike point solutions available on the market today, Cisco Lecture Vision helps customers with maximum efficiency to use existing campus network and technology. This solution allows to: - to record lectures with high resolution and send them to the students at any place at any time on any device, including PCs, smartphones and tablet computers. Читать полностью -->

Sony launched a new line of smartphones - Cell phones

Sony launched a new line of smartphones - Cell phonesSony at CES in Las Vegas introduced the Xperia S. It will be the first device in the new line of Xperia NXT devices. Xperia S uses a dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.5 gigabytes. The smartphone is equipped with a 4.3-Dujmovic screen with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. In the apparatus there are two cameras on the front and rear panels, the latter is capable of capturing images with a resolution of 12 megapixels. The device has a HDMI port. Читать полностью -->

In Mass Effect 3 co-op mode - Cell phones

In Mass Effect 3 co-op mode - Cell phonesIn the action-RPG Mass Effect 3 will be able to pass some missions in cooperative mode. It is officially confirmed in his Twitter the project's producer Casey Hudson (Casey Hudson). Also information about the cooperative mode appeared on the official BioWare forum. Representatives of the Studio said that ME3 will be the system Galaxy at War, designed to pass in co-op teams of four people. PC owners will be able to team up online, and console gamers will play through services Xbox Live and PSN. According to the developers, Galaxy at War is one way to affect the final game. Читать полностью -->

Console "Witcher-2" appears on 17 April - Cell phones

Console Polish company CD Projekt called the exact date of the console (Xbox 360) release role-playing game the Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. This April 17. In mid-may 2011, game released on PC, and it has rightfully become one of the main role of the project year. In early June, the developers stated that the RPG will be "ported" from PC to Xbox 360. The original release was scheduled for late last year, but due to Microsoft and its policy prohibiting the free add-ons on Xbox Live, the release was postponed. "Do we want to keep the time and release the game without any additional materials? wonder developers. Читать полностью -->

November 1 MMO game DC Universe Online will be free - Cell phones

November 1 MMO game DC Universe Online will be free - Cell phonesMassively multiplayer superhero game DC Universe Online will be free from tomorrow (November 1) day, the company said Sony Online Entertainment. The owners decided that for further development of the project and increase the client base you need to change the payment scheme. In the end, instead of monthly payments on the subscription appears optional microtransactions in-game store. The client module of the project will be published in open access. The changes will affect both the PC and PS3 version. However, free DC Universe Online has some limitations: only two slots for characters equipment of smaller size, the absence of free add-ons, the inability to trade with other players and create your own faction. Читать полностью -->

Dark Souls will be released on the PC (video) - Cell phones

Dark Souls will be released on the PC (video) - Cell phonesRole-playing game Dark Souls will be released on PC. For that largely have to thank enthusiasts, applied with appropriate requests to the developers. Signatures in support of the PC"port" began to gather early in the year; today there are more than 100 thousand. Official announcement yet, but the German magazine PC Action reports that Namco Bandai is already working on the PC version. They say that the project will be released as a special edition Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition in August. The PC release will add new enemies, bosses, quests... Читать полностью -->

Old WoW server will go under the hammer - Cell phones

Old WoW server will go under the hammer - Cell phonesBlizzard has announced that it plans to sell under the hammer two thousand old blade servers World of Warcraft, says Eurogamer. All profits from the auction will go to benefit the children's cancer hospital St. Jude in Memphis (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital). The auction will be held on eBay from 17 October to 14 November. It will be sold on a blade server Hewlett-Packard ProLiant used after the project has started in 2004 and went out of use after the system upgrade. Читать полностью -->

Favorite classic tales come to life on the iPad screen - Cell phones

Favorite classic tales come to life on the iPad screen - Cell phonesInteractive tales for children from 3 to 7 years in Russian and English languages available for iOS, Android (2.3-4.0) and Windows How to instill in children a love of reading? Video demonstration of interactive books:! ( ( volshebnye books, where the characters according to the will of the reader is ready to come to life, move and speak, we've only seen in fairy tales. For our children these tales become reality... Mobility center of information technologies of Moscow state technical University n.a. N. E. Bauman, bringing together mobile application developers from around the world, has presented a series of interactive children's books for tablets and personal computers. Читать полностью -->

PS Vita is tied to a single PSN account - Cell phones

PS Vita is tied to a single PSN account - Cell phonesConsole PS Vita will be tied to one account on the PlayStation Network. To go with consoles in the system under a different name, users will have to "roll back" Vita to factory settings. It is reported by one of the users of the forum NeoGaf. According to him, this information was contained in a promotional leaflet console, which he received at the presentation of the PS Vita in Osaka. According to users, this step will lead to the fact that they will not be able to access the PlayStation Network in other regions (for example, many gamers get two different account to buy games on PSN America and Japan, and if the console will be bound to the same ID, they will be deprived of this possibility). PlayStation Vita will go on sale in Japan on December 17. Читать полностью -->

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