Players in Dragon Age III promised multiplayer - Cell phones

Players in Dragon Age III promised multiplayer - Cell phonesAn anonymous insider told Kotaku that RPG Dragon Age III will appear multiplayer mode. Previous games in the series could be just alone. According to the source, in multiplayer, players will be able to play for the dragons. According to Kotaku, the insider, provided the information is not yet known whether the multiplayer part of the main DA III or additional downloadable game. Multiplayer mode will be focused on the battle in arenas. Players will be able to fight with monsters and each other. Читать полностью -->

LiveJournal has gone offline due to problems in the data center - Cell phones

LiveJournal has gone offline due to problems in the data center - Cell phonesLiveJournal no longer open due to a technical failure in the data center, which houses the company's server. About this" was informed in the press service of SUP. "We bring users apologies for any inconvenience caused and hope for your patience and understanding," reads the message. Specific dates when Live journal should be earned, not entitled. Thus, the failure of LJ has nothing to do with numerous hacker attacks, which took place in April and March 2011. The last powerful DDoS attack on LiveJournal, reported the press service of the SUP in early may, technicians were able to reflect. Читать полностью -->

Samsung is the GALAXY Ace 2 and GALAXY mini 2 - Cell phones

Samsung is the GALAXY Ace 2 and GALAXY mini 2 - Cell phonesSamsung Electronics, the world leader in digital technologies and digital convergence, introduces new mobile device Samsung GALAXY smartphones Samsung GALAXY Ace 2 and GALAXY mini 2. New models are successors to the hugely popular smartphone Samsung GALAXY Ace and GALAXY mini, released in 2011. They are designed for users with active lifestyles who value individuality, but at the same time paying great attention to the device performance and design. "Smartphones Samsung GALAXY Ace and Samsung GALAXY mini, released in 2011, had wide success in the global market. Today we are proud to present Samsung GALAXY Ace 2 and Samsung GALAXY mini 2 - new improved model with new features and services, " says John. K. Читать полностью -->

Announced racing game WRC 3 - Cell phones

Announced racing game WRC 3 - Cell phonesAnnounced a new part of the official simulator of the world rally Championship - WRC 3, reports Eurogamer. The game, which deals with the development Studio Milestone, will go on sale in October 2012. It will be released for PC and consoles PS3 and Xbox 360. Reportedly, WCR 3 will be "dramatically different" from previous games in the series. So, specially for her Studio has developed a new engine, dubbed Spikengine. It allows you to create a more realistic lighting model and the physics of the game world. Читать полностью -->

Sale racing arcade Burnout Crash! will begin September 20 - Cell phones

Sale racing arcade Burnout Crash! will begin September 20 - Cell phonesThe once glorious racing series Burnout, born in 2001, degraded (evolved?) to the level of downloadable arcade. The project, titled Burnout Crash!, published by Electronic Arts. Today the publisher announced that the release will be digital only. The game is developed by Criterion Games, will go on sale on 20 September and will be available only in the console network Xbox Live and PSN. Price - $10. Based on the mode Crash Mode, which is familiar to all who played Burnout 3: Takedown. Читать полностью -->

Released the Sims 3: town life - Cell phones

Released the Sims 3: town life - Cell phonesRecently released the Sims 3: Town life, which again has pleased fans of the game. In addition has provided a lot of new objects, clothing and a great variety of subjects. You can build almost everything, libraries, gyms with equipment, laundries with washing machines. Here in addition possibly almost everything that is possible in real life. Beautiful children's villages, who will be happy all the children in your town. And beautiful children living in the bright sun will delight you in the game. Читать полностью -->

Announced game Police Warfare (video) - Cell phones

Announced game Police Warfare (video) - Cell phonesThe development is network shooter Police Warfare, according to the company's Elastic Games. It is the project of ex-employees of Ubisoft, Epic Games, Electronic Arts and Crytek, who established his own Studio. In due time, the participants worked on Gears Of War, Crysis, Assassin-s Creed 2 and other hits. According to lead designer of the project James Wiringa (James Wearing), the game is being developed for six months, having passed the stage of pereproizvodstvo and received the final concept document. Designers have completed the study of the art style, animations, creating the characters and plot. In General, we are starting the development, and the Elastic Games require a $325 thousand fundraising, as usual, is in the system crowdfunding Kickstarter. Читать полностью -->

The PS3 version of I Am Alive will appear in April (video) - Cell phones

The PS3 version of I Am Alive will appear in April (video) - Cell phonesConsole action game I Am Alive will be released on the PS3 console, promised French publisher Ubisoft. The game was announced for Xbox 360 and PS3, but on March 7, it was released only on MS console. Release the PS3 version will have to wait until April 4, when the game will be released in the PSN network. Developed by internal Studio of Ubisoft Shanghai, which was commissioned to finish the project instead excluded from the Affairs Darkworks. I Am Alive takes the players in a fictional North American city Chevanton. This is a story that happened a year after the Events of planetary cataclysm that destroyed almost the entire human civilization. Читать полностью -->

Announced the addition Tropico 4: Modern Times (video) - Cell phones

Announced the addition Tropico 4: Modern Times (video) - Cell phonesThe development is a new addition to the town-planning simulator Tropico 4, according to Sofia (Bulgaria) Studio Haemimont Games. Addon called Tropico 4: Modern Times, will be released in March on PC and Xbox 360. It costs $19,99. As the original project, released in August last year, the Supplement will be published by the German company Kalypso Media. In the original game, we, El Presidente, with enviable persistence rebuilt the city, established the economy, attracting investment and tourists. In continuation of our fearless leader is faced with problems of the XXI century". Читать полностью -->

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