Announced game Worms Revolution (video) - Cell phones

Announced game Worms Revolution (video) - Cell phonesStudio Team17 known for a series of combat "worm" games Worms, announced the development of a new project. We are waiting for a step-by-step artillery game Worms Revolution, developed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The novelty will appear in the third quarter, i.e. from July to September. The exact date and the first details of the promise to publish closer to release. The game is created on a new game engine". But my favorite 2D perspective is not going anywhere. Just will support 3D effects, lighting and other technical stuff. Essence the same: gather a team of worms and captives enemies in Napalm. To do this, you will be given a bunch of very sophisticated weapons - both new and familiar from previous games in the series: for example, the Holy hand grenade or concrete donkey. Battles will be held in single and various multiplayer modes, among which there will be multiplayer battles, and local wars on one screen..

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