Next month will begin testing the game Tribes: Ascend - Cell phones

Next month will begin testing the game Tribes: Ascend - Cell phonesClosed beta first person shooter Tribes: Ascend will appear on 4 November, according to Studio Hi-Rez. About the beginning of reception of applications for participation in the beta test of the game was announced in mid-September. It was planned that the trial version will release in late September or early October, but, alas, in the alpha version were discovered some flaws" - and beta release is pushed. In addition, the developers talk about the emergence of several new features in the "alpha" was not. For example, the system of character development. Access to the game will not open to everyone, but only those who will be selected by the developers. So far, the project is only for PC, but if the game will have enough fans, Hi-Rez will take it on the console. The company intends to extend the project to open, no monthly fees, and earn by selling in-game items and bonuses. Full release scheduled for the first quarter of 2012. So far, the publisher itself goes Hi-Rez..

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