The Guardian has launched a search news via Twitter - Cell phones

The Guardian has launched a search news via Twitter - Cell phonesBritish newspaper the Guardian has launched a Twitter-bot that allows users to find news on a particular subject. This was reported in the blog "Inside the Guardian. To obtain a collection of links on a particular topic, you should send the appropriate message ("reply") on the account @GuardianTagBot. In response, the bot sends a link to a page with search results that materials on the website of the newspaper. The service is primarily intended for those who go online from a mobile device. At the moment it is in beta stage, and to assess the quality of the bot page with search results. The developers claim that the service is to Siri, but the swearing and personal questions can be "upset" of the bot. on 10 October The Guardian asked readers to participate in the preparation of the materials. For this special page contains information about preparing materials and link to Twitter account of the author. Readers can send their journalists suggestions and comments..

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