BioWare has responded to the criticism of the final Mass Effect 3 - Cell phones

BioWare has responded to the criticism of the final Mass Effect 3 - Cell phonesDirector and Executive producer of the Mass Effect 3 Casey Hudson said the fans of the game, is unsatisfied with the outcome. "I didn't want to make a game played with and forgotten". Yes, people argue about what it means ending, what happened to the characters and what happens next - but this, in my opinion, and there is salt all history," said Hudson in an interview with Digital Trends. - "I have always loved it. In our game there will always be a mystery and the ability to interpret everything differently. And discuss it for a very long time". He also noted that BioWare is going to release some additional content for single player games and multiplayer, however, did not specify that you can log in addition. Mass Effect 3 was released on March 6. Soon after the release of fans who didn't like the ending of the game, launched a campaign on the Internet. They appealed to the developers asking about the fact that they released an expansion pack or patch that ME3 would have new versions of the ending. In order to confirm the seriousness of its intentions, the initiators of the campaign invited all disgruntled gamers to participate in raising funds for charity. All collected funds will be sent to children's hospitals around the world to ensure that the residents of these institutions were provided with video games. The fundraiser began on March 13. To date, the initiators of the campaign managed to collect over 30 thousand dollars. Gamers also opened the voting dedicated to the final game on the BioWare forum. By this time it was attended by more than 40 thousand people, and 90 percent of them were dissatisfied with the ending of Mass Effect 3..

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