Announced game Mass Effect: Infiltrator - Cell phones

Announced game Mass Effect: Infiltrator - Cell phonesPublisher Electronic Arts is preparing to release several iOS projects from the Mass Effect series. The main news was the announcement of Mass Effect: Infiltrator - third person shooter for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. This is a kind of preparation for the main game - Mass Effect 3 (ME3). In Infiltrator you will investigate the activities of a criminal organization "Cerberus", to rescue the captives and wait invading alien race of reapers. For the successful execution of tasks players are rewarded points Galactic Readiness, which will then affect the passage ME3. In addition, you will be able to unlock some unique weapons. Will the game be ported to Android devices? When will be release? On these issues the EA does not respond. It was also presents the iOS app Mass Effect Datapad, which will allow you to track news about ME3, to monitor the galactic map of the battle, to receive messages from their in-game characters... Recall that the full release of ME3 will be held on March 6 in North America and the 9th in Europe. The game will be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The project, which deals with Studio BioWare, will be the final part of a trilogy about the adventures of commander Shepard and his team trying to save the galaxy..

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