uTorrent and Bittorrent were attacked - Cell phones

uTorrent and Bittorrent were attacked - Cell phonesIn the attack the computers of millions of users worldwide popular resource can damage the viruses and other malicious programs. Millions of users ' computers Torrent can corrupt virus Representatives BitTorrent recommend to everyone who has downloaded something between 0.20 and 2.10, to check their computers for viruses. All users are advised to change their passwords on the trekkers. The specialists say that the program itself uTorrent could be infected, and is recommended to scan your computer, if it was downloaded today. The websites of the company BitTorrent Inc. (utorrent.com and bittorrent.com) hackers attacked on Wednesday early morning. "Spoofing" the hands were made so that users learned about them only after the download is completed. In this regard, at 9: 00 our time BitTorrent Inc. had to turn off their servers, in order to solve the problem. - This morning the site uTorrent.com and BitTorrent.com were dissected. And the usual software was replaced with something like a fake antivirus program, " said Vice President of BitTorrent Simon Morris. At the moment the servers are running in normal mode. The company has already apologized to users..

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