In Skyrim there is a new race - Cell phones

In Skyrim there is a new race - Cell phonesThe project Bethesda Softworks - TES V: Skyrim starts to amaze with their innovations. So in the game there will be a new race called lycanthropy. These rumors came from what appeared on the Internet two rollers. The first video shows the main character SkyrimР°, which is unusual for a game leads the conversation with a new character. He then becomes licantropo, but in the second movie into itself. Then the company Bethesda filed claims and the rollers are removed from the network. But gamers have made screenshots from the videos and they often appear on the form. Previously rumors on the company's website BBFC, when it was laid out description of the game. Moreover, such a description. Type any player will be able to join a group of cannibals who will then eat people. But the developers refused all comment. As previously reported, that in the game Skyrim vampires will be and the more one can become. Well, about werewolves until nothing is clear. On these issues gamers appealed to the Vice President of Bethesda, but he completely refused any kind of comments..

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