The release of Microsoft Flight simulator (video) - Cell phones

The release of Microsoft Flight simulator (video) - Cell phonesAircraft Microsoft Flight simulator available to everyone on February 29, reminds caring Microsoft Studios. This is the first project worthy to be called "hardcore simulator of civil aviation, since Microsoft Flight Simulator X game, released in 2006. The new product was released only on the PC and what is most curious, is distributed as shareware scheme. That is to not pay for the original game, but only for additions to it. To access the MS Flight, just visit the game's official website and download the program. Those basic features seem to be insufficient, you can purchase a few additions. The first downloadable add-on called the Hawaiian Adventure Pack, worth $20. It includes hundreds of miles of Airways, 20 missions and tests, as well as a new model - double Vans RV-6A. In addition, for $15 you can buy a model aircraft Maule M-7-260C, and for $8 - the old North American P-51 Mustang. The game has vintage and modern aircraft, story missions, career mode, online multiplayer and single player modes..

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