The Japanese bought more than 300 thousand consoles PS Vita - Cell phones

The Japanese bought more than 300 thousand consoles PS Vita - Cell phonesBecame known the results of the first two days of sales of the PS Vita in Japan. According to Famitsu, referenced by the portal VG24/7, 17 and 18 December gamers acquired 321407 new consoles from Sony. According to various sources, only the shops were delivered to more than 700 thousand consoles. So for the first two days Vita lost its direct competitor - handheld console 3DS from Nintendo, released in the beginning of the year. This console for the same period differed in the number 371326 instances. As suggested sources Famitsu, during the first week of sales, the gamers will get about 1.4 million new handheld consoles. Information about what the PS Vita at odds worse than expected, appeared on December 19. Online reported that Japanese gamers bought about 85 percent of base models PS Vita (Wi-Fi), and about 56 percent more expensive models console with Wi-Fi and 3G. At the same time the portal Destructoid reported that users have purchased all delivered to the stores the memory card to the console volume 16 and 32 gigabytes. Soon after the release of PS Vita in the Internet appeared the first reports that some instances are incorrect: "hang" and turns itself off. The console owners also complained that they can't activate on Vita to your account in the PSN system. In order to "enter" into it, users had to download an update for the console, which was available to only registered users. As it turned out later, in order to activate your permanent account, gamers had to create a temporary PSN ID, install the update and then switch to your main profile in the system. PS Vita went on sale in Japan on December 17. The release of the console in the U.S. and Europe is scheduled for the end of February..

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