Fans Battelfield 3 learned about the release of the game in the Steam Cell phones

Fans Battelfield 3 learned about the release of the game in the Steam Cell phonesLeading blog BF3blog reported that publisher Electronic Arts and Valve close to an agreement that the shooter Battlefield 3 was released in digital distribution service Steam. About the bloggers said an anonymous source at Valve, which belongs to the service. According to the source BF3blog, on Steam the game will be released on the day of its official release on October 25. Earlier it was reported that the game through Steam will not sell. In the early summer of 2011, the journalists found a list of distributors Battlefield 3, but the service Valve was not in it. After some time, a source in the company Gamestop (one of the largest retailers in the world's goods) told the press that Steam games are really won, but it will be released in Origin (owned by EA) and other digital distribution services. And only at the beginning of August 2011 this information was confirmed by the company Electronic Arts. His decision to refuse to release the game on Steam, the publisher explained that the service restricts him the opportunity to provide gamers with additional content and patches for the game. Last summer Steam disappeared a few games released by Electronic Arts, including Dragon Age II, Crysis 2 and others. How will they return to the service Valve, if the negotiations between the two companies will end successfully, the source BF3blog nothing reported..

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