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Samsung is innovative kitchen equipment - Cell phonesSamsung Electronics, the leader in innovation and a leading global manufacturer of consumer electronics, presents the latest developments in the field of "smart" kitchen appliances. New features and interactive features refrigerators with LCD screens and applications, energy-efficient microwave ovens that can cook more and faster new version of the popular ovens Flex Duo - these decisions for Samsung cuisine make it more intelligent and convenient than ever. "Samsung every year produces more intellectual, "smart" appliances. We carefully listen to customers and try to improve popular models so that they meet all the requirements of modern Housewives," said Kevin Dexter (Kevin Dexter, senior Vice President of global sales and marketing of home appliances Samsung Electronics America. In 2012, Samsung presents a new, very popular application for refrigerators with LCD display - shopping List (Grocery Manager), for models side-by-side (RSG309), and French Door (RF4289). Both refrigerator equipped with 8-inch colour touch screen and WiFi module. Appendix Grocery Manager will allow consumers to create their own shopping lists with one click of a button. At the same time, the application Facebook will provide instant access to the news feed of the user. New refrigerators apply advanced solutions for more convenient and systematic storage of products. Custom height container FlexZone? can be easily accessible to children and has four preset temperature regime: "Meat and fish" (-2В° C), "Soft drinks" (0В° C ), "Salads/Snacks" (2В° C) and "Wine/Banquet dishes" (6В° C). Refrigerators also help keep the food fresh technology, Twin Cooling Plus, which uses a separate cooling system for refrigerators and freezers, by adjusting the parameters of temperature and humidity. New microwave Samsung SMH2117S category OTR (Over The Range), combines the functions of a convection oven, microwave, toaster and cooker hoods. This model was awarded a CES 2012 Innovations Award" in the category of Eco Design. Microwave volume of 60 liters equipped with led backlight, which provides excellent coverage and is able to operate in Eco-Mode, consuming less electricity. In addition, the inner walls of the new microwave oven covered with bio-ceramic enamel, which is hygienic and easy to clean. Only Samsung uses in their microwave ovens such high quality enamel, usually occurring in cookers and ovens in the cabinets. In 2012, Samsung will make a convenient ovens series Flex Duo even more affordable, releasing a budget model NE595R1. Many families will be able to prepare meals using full oven capacity (167 l) or upper/lower branch (74 l 88 l, respectively), establishing between them a special separator. In this oven, you can cook two dishes at the same time with different temperature regimes, and the separator will avoid mixing flavors. If you need to cook one big meal a separator can be removed. Detailed information, videos and pictures were presented on a dedicated website Samsung:

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