Cisco and Citrix have formed a strategic Alliance - Cell phones

Cisco and Citrix have formed a strategic Alliance - Cell phonesCisco and Citrix have formed a strategic Alliance to support multifunctional desktop virtualization Collaboration of the two companies will help enterprises to accelerate the mass distribution solutions for desktop virtualization Cisco and Citrix Systems has formed a strategic Alliance to develop and deliver solutions that will help companies simplify and accelerate the processes of large-scale desktop virtualization. As part of this Alliance, Cisco and Citrix will innovate, simplify the implementation of virtual desktops with a high screen resolution and enhancing the user working in a highly secure network Cisco - Citrix HDX technology?. In addition, the company will continue to improve and expand their solutions for data centers and cloud computing to accelerate the adoption of cloud services. As the movement of the it industry from the era of personal computers in the era of cloud computing, providing mobile users access to multimedia applications anywhere at any time using any device, enterprises are turning to desktop virtualization to take advantage of the security, flexibility and efficiency in the delivery process virtual machines and applications as centralized services. Innovative solutions, such as Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) with the technology of Citrix XenDesktop-include virtualization of desktops, network systems, solutions for data centers, as well as multimedia and the target device supports users during the transition period. Here's what he said about the above, the Vice-President of Cisco Phil Sherburn (Phil Sherburne, responsible for enterprise systems and architecture): "Cisco together with Citrix is working on a wide range of virtualization technologies. The first results of this work will be focused on providing end users a rich multimedia experience that combines voice, video and data on virtual desktops and applications into intelligent network Cisco Intelligent Network). These opportunities will be provided to all devices, regardless of their type and location. As a result, it managers will be able to provide users with the same set of features at the lowest price". "Citrix and Cisco have completed the first year of a very successful collaboration, which helped them to expand market share and accelerate the development of business customers worldwide," said Vice President of Citrix Bob Schultz (Bob Schultz, is responsible for corporate desktops and applications). - Enhanced agreement between the two companies creates the basis for the delivery of the best on the market integrated solutions that enable customers to make progress in getting rid of consumerization and to ensure the delivery of information technology services with unprecedented efficiency and impact on users.".

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