Developers Scrolls refused shareware model (video) - Cell phones

Developers Scrolls refused shareware model (video) - Cell phonesIndependent Studio Mojang, developed the famous "virtual sandbox" Minecraft, refused conditional free (free to play) game Scrolls. Announced in the spring of strategic fantasy game with tactical elements and card battles" will spread the old fashioned way: the game will have to buy. "I hate free to play model, because it turns a great game into some cash machines, where you will not do without spending money," said the founder of Mojang's Markus Persson (Markus Persson). However, some elements of this model will still remain. If desired, players will be able to purchase additional content; however, what materials will be sold, it is not clear, but most likely, we are talking about in-game maps. Please note: players collect the army, where every creature is described by the corresponding card. And go into some kind of fairy Kingdom, where they are waiting for "action". It also turned out that the Xbox version of Minecraft will be released late. Initially it promised to release in the fall, but yesterday Microsoft Game Studios suddenly announced the postponement of release for spring 2012..

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