Released additions Magicka: The Stars Are Left - Cell phones

Released additions Magicka: The Stars Are Left - Cell phonesAction / adventure Magicka received addition The Stars are Left, according to Studio Arrowhead Game. Yesterday, November 30, it appeared in the online distribution of Steam. The presence of the original game. As before, publishes project Paradox. In the list of platforms only PC. "The fans loved to create with their hands unique spells, and then test them on the enemy crowds," say the developers. - You asked for more, and we have heard you". Last time, in Vietnam addon, players threw in the Vietnamese jungle. In the new addition, the developers have turned to Cthulhu-the myths of h.p. Lovecraft. As usual: ancient monsters threaten the world, and only our wizards can cope with the horrors of antiquity". Fans waiting for the story campaign, several new maps, enemies and bosses, spells and items. And, of course, co-op mode, the main Magicka-zest..

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