Opera explained to block Twitter in Russia - Cell phones

Opera explained to block Twitter in Russia - Cell phonesBlocking the microblogging service Twitter in the mobile browser Opera Mini due to technical reasons. About this Tape.ru" was informed in the press service of Opera Software. What is the nature of the problem, not specified. The company has promised to solve the problem as soon as possible. As a workaround, users are prompted to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. From the evening of may 10 Russian Internet users began to report that Opera Mini stopped to open the mobile version of Twitter. Instead, the message appeared: "Content blocked by operator". Through other browsers and mobile clients, as well as when using Wi-Fi, the service was opened normally. may 11, all three operators of the "big three" have stated that they blocked access to Twitter and other social networks, and the problem, apparently, is on the browser side or microblogging service. Similar problems were also observed in Internet Explorer and some users of Opera Mini from CIS countries. Opera Mini uses its own servers to compress traffic to the user. This allows you to increase the page loading speed and reduce the cost of using mobile Internet. Whether problems with access to Twitter with these servers is unknown..

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