The first "Prince of Persia" has appeared on the iOS platform (video) - Cell phones

The first Classic platformer 1989 - legendary "Prince of Persia" is available to owners of iOS-devices. It is reported that the game Jordan Sands of time, renamed Prince of Persia Classic HD version for iPhone and iPod touch costs $1,99, and owners of iPads are being asked to fork over $2,99. Processing the iOS version did Ubisoft. In fact we will face the same remake that poyavilsya in 2007 console Xbox Live Arcade. The novelty has provided superior picture, sound, and processed by the control circuit. Essence, fortunately, remained the same. The event takes place in Persia. The Sultan went to war, and at this time the treacherous vizier Jaffar kidnaps the Princess and forcing her to become his wife. Our hero, who, as usual, is a true lover of the Princess, there is exactly one hour to rescue his beloved. Have to run, jump, avoid traps and fight the henchmen of the vizier. The original was released in 1989 by Broderbund Software for the Apple II platform. Since then, the game received a truly iconic status has gained a lot of sequels, was "ported" to every conceivable platform and even got a film adaptation..

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