On the Russian market a new type of e-book readers - Cell phones

On the Russian market a new type of e-book readers - Cell phonesIn the second half of 2011 and in early 2012, the market began to appear in the electronic reading room of the new type - the so-called multimedia readers with color touch TFT display and Android operating system inside. In particular, models of this type released players N1 and N2 on the global market of readers - the American Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Talking about models of the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, respectively. In early 2012, the device of that class issued and the company PocketBook, which occupies the fifth place in the ranking of the largest brands in the world of e-readers and is the leader of the Russian market of such gadgets with a share of 40%. The model is called the PocketBook A 7` and is about 8 thousand rubles. Meanwhile, Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet in Russia is not officially sold, although the "gray" channels they are still available: the first model is an average of 8 thousand, and the second 10 thousand. In fact, all three devices are tablet computers that clearly hints Android operating system and the presence of a 7-inch touch screens. In the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet are truncated version of Android, tailored to use the device in conjunction with a proprietary online services Amazon and Barnes & Noble (in Russia, alas, they are virtually useless) that allows you to buy books, movies, music, games and other content. At the same time, PocketBook A 7` is running a full version of Android 2.3.7 with support for the Android Market. To download multimedia and literary content in the model is implemented access to the corporate directory from the PocketBook portal Obreey Store. "Actually, we released the first device of this class in the beginning of 2011 - talking about the PocketBook IQ 701 with 7-inch touch screen and Android operating system," commented CEO PocketBook Rus Evgeny Milica. "We very clearly hit the trend - as it turned out, these readers with the functionality of the tablets are very popular among Russian and foreign customers. Thus, according to the analytical group SmartMarketing, PocketBook IQ 701 in 2011 became the second most popular in Russia tablet after the iPad. In itself it is interesting that the world's largest suppliers of classic readers with screens based on e-ink E-Ink drew attention to a new class of gadgets - Android reader with TFT displays. This choice raises the question, because the latter are less comfortable to read, in addition, devices with TFT screens work without charging less than a day versus two to three weeks in the case of e-readers with displays based on E-Ink. "And PocketBook A 7`, and Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet and the Amazon Kindle Fire has a 7-inch TFT touch-screens, which allowed us to make these devices easier and more compact in comparison with a standard 10-inch tablets like the iPad, as well as models of ASUS, Motorola, Acer and other brands," says the independent expert market analyst gadgets Mikhail Fadeev. - Why the whales of the market rushed to manufacture models with TFT screens, which are obviously less comfortable to read than the displays, E-Ink? This response to user requirements: not everyone wants to buy a device solely for reading, many just need a portable multimedia combine with video, gaming, Internet surfing, and then reading books. These devices are ideally suited for the role of such a universal gadget..

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