Legend of Grimrock will appear in April (video) - Cell phones

Legend of Grimrock will appear in April (video) - Cell phonesDevelopment of Legend of Grimrock is almost complete, according to the developers of the independent Studio Almost Human. At the end of last year, we launched beta testing of the project. According to the developers, serious errors were not identified, and we can already speak about the exact release date of the PC version will appear on April 11. To spread the game will be only in the "figure" - initially in the system GoG-owned Polish company CD Projekt RED, and then to Steam. You can pre-order; is game worth $11,99. Legend of Grimrock belongs to the genre of Dungeon Crawl. You are waiting for the party role-playing shooter, battles with monsters, study, huge dungeons, puzzles, and treasure. The developers say that was inspired by such classic role-playing adventure as Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master..

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