Journalists have appointed a new release date for the next Xbox - Cell phones

Journalists have appointed a new release date for the next Xbox - Cell phonesOn the Internet there are new rumors about the expected release date for Xbox next generation. At this time Develop announced that the console will likely be released in 2013. As sources of this information portal called "different" parts manufacturers and software developers. Microsoft officials declined to comment on this information. According to Develop, most likely Xbox new generation will be introduced at E3 2013, and will go on sale in a few months after that. According to the journalists, some members of the gaming industry believe that the console will be in stores before the Christmas holidays. The portal noted that at present, several well-known studios are already working on games for the new Xbox. Some experts, however, note that the first console of the new generation can produce not Microsoft, and its main competitor, Sony. Analyst Colin Sebastian of RW Baird in an interview with portal IndustryGamers noted that in his opinion the Xbox next generation in 2013 will not be released. According to Sebastian, this time a new console first released by Sony (the last time Microsoft was ahead of the Japanese manufacturer. Then the Xbox 360 came out in November 2005 and the PS3 in November 2006). In recent months, regularly appear in the press rumors about the timing of release of new consoles. So, in June Videogamer predicted that Xbox next generation will be on sale in 2012, and in September one of the bloggers Bitmob reported that gamers will be able to buy the PS4 in early 2013. Manufacturers refute this information: Microsoft and Sony already claimed the life of their current consoles is ten years, so in the near future they're going to release new consoles..

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