NASA opens space data to solve the world's problems - Cell phones

NASA opens space data to solve the world's problems - Cell phonesThe space has become humanity's last uncharted territory. People first came there in 1961, but still space remains largely a mystery. However, the collected information has given scientists the opportunity to understand the mechanisms of climate change on our planet, and data obtained from other galaxies, can help blind people to study mathematics. All this became possible thanks to the open exchange of space data. NASA intends to more actively use the data obtained in space research, to solve the most acute problems, including improving education and protecting the environment. To this end, the National Directorate of the U.S. Aeronautics and space has developed a new version of its plan "open government Open Government Plan, version 2.0). In the framework of this initiative, 21-22 April there was held an international competition for space applications - International Space Apps Challenge involving programmers from different countries. Participants were asked to develop solutions of four types: software, open source, open hardware system, solution for data visualization and platform for Amateur research (citizen science), using open data, published on the Internet. Leading analyst Gov 2.0, chief Executive officer and founder of GOV20LA Alan Zilberberg (Alan Silberberg) called the initiative NASA aimed at the discovery of cosmic information, a large and important step forward. NASA is not the first time encourages citizens to an open exchange of ideas. In February 2012, the Agency joined the platform for Citizen Engagement Tool that allows the General public to discuss and evaluate methods to improve the transparency of the American space Agency. One of the major components of the open government plan NASA - deploy cloud-based platform NASA Nebula, giving scientists the opportunity to share large files and large amounts of data with everyone. "Our goal is the widest possible use of the cloud in NASA to support open data and software with open source," said one of the program managers of open government NASA Nicholas Skyland (Nicholas Skytland). According to Zilberberg, thanks to cloud technology program open government and Gov 2.0 is almost merged together. According to him, "Gov 2.0 is designed to include the social network, and now mobile technology in everyday communication state institutions and the interactions between them and the citizens. In addition, this program should make government agencies more open and transparent. Cloud technologies are transforming the field of public administration at the expense of infrastructure, promotion of mobility and give officials the right to use the work of their home devices. The proliferation of new devices and led, ultimately, to the emergence of such competitions as the International Space Apps Challenge. What is becoming more open exchange of information in the cloud, open communities and working together distributed groups, the more possibilities open to humanity in space and on earth. Keywords: NASA, the National Directorate of the U.S. Aeronautics and space, space data, International Space Apps Challenge, Open Government Plan, cloud computing. "Courtesy of.

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