Star Trek Online has become shareware - Cell phones

Star Trek Online has become shareware - Cell phonesGame Star Trek Online went on the shareware distribution model 17 January, according to the official website of the game. Video dedicated to this event can be seen here. Previously the game was fully paid.Now all users STO are divided into two types: "gold", i.e. those who pay a subscription to the game, and "silver", that is, those who play for free. The silver subscribers less space for characters and equipment, they are not available for all classes and subjects. Free players, unlike paid, will see in game chat advertising; in addition, they will be available to add answers not all sections of the gaming forum. Star Trek Online was launched in February 2010. The game has been in development for six years. Originally over STO had a Studio Perpetual Entertainment, but in 2008 it went bankrupt and was forced to transfer the license and all materials for the game, Cryptic Studios, which has completed the development of the project. That Studio is going to translate the game to a new distribution model, announced in late 2011. Action STO takes place in the universe of the popular series "Star trek" in the early twenty-fifth century. Players who join the game, become captains of starships and can play both the United Federation of planets and the Klingon Empire. All players begin play on the Federation side, and the opportunity to join the Empire opens with level 25. Now the game is in its fifth season..

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