In Europe appeared in role-playing shooter Dark Souls - Cell phones

In Europe appeared in role-playing shooter Dark Souls - Cell phonesConsole role-playing shooter Dark Souls appeared in Europe, according to publisher Namco Bandai Games, is responsible for the Western release. Today, 7 October, the game was released in the Old World, three days earlier, the 4th number in the U.S. and Canada. However, the first play Dark Souls could the Japanese, who received it on September 22. The project was developed by Studio FromSoftware1РЎ-Softklab". Players will send in a "dark fantasy world populated by magical creatures and monsters." Specialization of the hero rather narrow: he cannot live without traveling through the dungeons and ancient ruins, where it fights with monsters, reanimated corpses, etc. Probably Dark Souls can be called one of the most complicated role-playing games of the last time. Developers have nothing to do with fine mental organization of players: can't work out a strategy and select the right armor and weapons will be repeatedly die from a pitiful handful of enemies. And it's nice!.

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