Went to demo Final Fantasy XIII-2 (video) - Cell phones

Went to demo Final Fantasy XIII-2 (video) - Cell phonesRole-playing game Final Fantasy XIII-2 got the demo, according to the Japanese company Square Enix. Download demo in console Xbox Live networks (requires a paid Gold account!) and PSN. You will be shown a small episode in which Sulfur and a Noel fight the hand of megahoodia Atlas, had lodged in locations Bresha. Yes, you need to put on the shoulder just one part of the body of the monster; full knifing will be available in the full version. Besides polarity with boss, you will be asked to explore a new location, to fight with multiple opponents, chat with a couple of characters and buy something from a local woman". In Japan the game was released in mid-December, and before the Western release less than a month. January 31, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will appear in a New Light, 3 February - in the Old. Mysterious sequence number (XIII-2) hides the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII. The event takes place three years after the battle with the gods FAL-C ended the Union of the two worlds - the natural Grand Pulse and its technologically advanced satellite Cocoon. The heroine of the last series, lightning, saved the world, and then... disappeared. To deal with the new threat and look for the lightning to be her sister - Sulfur the Ferrone..

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