Botanicula will be released in February - Cell phones

Botanicula will be released in February - Cell phonesRelease quest Botanicula from Czech indie Studio Amanita Design will take place in February 2012. This was told by Jakub Dvorsky (Jakub Dvorský) at the GameCity festival in Notting hill. The game should come out for Mac and PC. The game was announced last spring, and its first trailer appeared at the beginning of October. According to the story Botanicula, five strange creatures that live in the big tree, have to travel on it to save your home from invasion black spiders-parasites. At GameCity Dvorsky showed a teaser of the main project Amanita Design - the third part of the game Samorost. Its action will unfold at the seven planets, each with their own special style. About when will Samorost 3, the developers have not yet told, but shared what was going to release it on all major platforms including PC, Mac, consoles and tablet computers. The third project Amanita Design, which is currently in development, this version of the quest Machinarium for PlayStation 3 console. It should be on the market next winter. Commenting on the decision to release their new projects on consoles, dworsky said: "many people are excellent sound system in the living room, but their computers are poorly equipped. And on tablets almost all of them play without headphones, so the sound is generally horrible. The sounds and music are very important to us, so we want to release our games on consoles"..

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