Showing anime in Japan has set a record on Twitter - Cell phones

Showing anime in Japan has set a record on Twitter - Cell phonesThe ninth of December in Twitter account was set a new record for the number of messages per second. The record appeared on December 14, via Twitter Comms. As it says in the recording, broadcast in Japan anime Hayao Miyazaki's "castle in the sky", filmed in 1986, caused a flurry of messages on the microblogging. Users reached 25088 tweets per second. The previous record was 8868 message was delivered in August 2011, when, during the MTV Video Music Awards became aware of the pregnant singer Beyonce. The sixth of December, Twitter has published a list of events that caused the publication of a record number of tweets per second in 2011. Users reacted to the departure of Steve jobs as head of Apple, and his death, on the capture of Osama bin Laden, to the wedding of Prince William and other events. In addition to the top tweets per second, Twitter has compiled a list of the most discussed events of the year and chose "Golden tweet", which was a charity record company Wendy's. "Castle in the sky" was the first feature-length anime Studio Ghibli, based Miyazaki in 1985. In 2002 anime "spirited away Hayao Miyazaki won the Oscar for best animated feature film. In addition, his moving castle was nominated for the award in 2005..

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