In Smolensk presented the Yo-mobile - Cell phones

In Smolensk presented the Yo-mobile - Cell phonesAt the IV annual Forum "Days of small and medium business of the Smolensk region" presentation "E-mobility".According to the top Manager of the company "Yo-auto", possibly in Smolensk appears Assembly plant hire, but of certainty yet. The main production of "Yo-mobiles" will be in St. Petersburg. According to the company, the production capacity in the first year will be 45 thousand cars per year, and the estimated capacity of the plant is designed to produce 90 thousand hybrid vehicles per year. "In our country we need to support new production, new ideas and developments, especially aimed at addressing environmental issues. Today, the Yo-mobile is a good example. The challenge for young people to offer new ideas to develop in this direction, and the authorities ' objective is to support initiatives. But we must remember that the new high-tech products should be available not only for rich people, but also for ordinary people," noted Roman skalin, a member of the Youth public chamber, member of the Presidium of the Moscow regional branch of the Association of young entrepreneurs of Russia". "The production of such cars is an innovative business for our country. And we should not lag behind the leading powers, and to create more of such products. And the Yo-mobile is a kind of breakthrough. This is high technology, followed by the future. In addition, in the creation of this car engage young professionals - scientists, designers. More such productions, the more jobs for young people", - said Alexey Mityushin, Chairman of the Moscow regional branch of the Association of young entrepreneurs of Russia". On Smolensk forum, which will be held for four days, was attended by entrepreneurs from Poland, Latvia, Belarus, Bryansk, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Kostroma, Tambov, Orel, Lipetsk oblasts and other regions of Russia. Recall that the "Yo-mobile" - innovative hybrid vehicle, is adapted to work on natural gas or gasoline..

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