EA Sports has announced the game Grand Slam Tennis 2 - Cell phones

EA Sports has announced the game Grand Slam Tennis 2 - Cell phonesIn development is a continuation of the console simulator tennis Grand Slam Tennis, according to publisher EA Sports. The game received a plain name Grand Slam Tennis 2, being developed by EA-"daughter" EA Canada for PS3 and Xbox 360. As the release date for the publishers call 2012; bógreater certainty "will appear closer to the release. The game is interesting primarily because it presents all four competitions Grand slam: the open championship of Australia, France, USA and Wimbledon. In addition, EA Sports has exclusive rights to irritatio "Wimbledon", so in other projects you simply will not find. And yet we offer all celebrity-tennis players this season, "the twenty greatest tennis players of all time", the story of the career mode, up to ten years, various multiplayer modes, "reliable physical model", etc. the Most interesting is the PS3 version with the support of the pointing device PS Move, which can be used as a real tennis racket..

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