Developed a computer memory of a new type of Mobile phones

Developed a computer memory of a new type of Mobile phonesSpecialists of the Center for nanotechnology Burke at Purdue University (USA) proposed a memory technology random access based on ferroelectric transistors (Ferroelectric Transistor Random Access Memory, FeTRAM). The new technique involves the use of silicon nanowires and ferroelectric polymer, a material that changes polarity when the application of an electric field. Researchers call such a structure a ferroelectric transistor". It is assumed that the microchips produced by technology FeTRAM, will consume significantly less power compared to today's flash memory. Savings, as noted, theoretically can reach 99%. Another advantage FeTRAM - high performance, potentially higher than the data rate static random access memory with random access (SRAM). While microchips FeTRAM will be non-volatile, that is able to store information in the absence of power. However, as the technology FeTRAM is at an early stage of development, and the timing of the release of commercial products based on it are not specified. But it is possible that sooner or later FeTRAM chips will appear in computers and portable gadgets. Developers have already filed a patent application on his invention. Prepared according to Purdue University..

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