Panasonic introduced a new line of electronics 2012 - Cell phones

Panasonic introduced a new line of electronics 2012 - Cell phonesHamburg, February 20, 2012 - Panasonic has presented at the annual Convention Panasonic Convention in Hamburg, dedicated to the 50th anniversary activities in Europe, a new line of consumer electronics 2012. The Corporation has demonstrated a new intelligent solutions in the field of energy systems, audio/video equipment, including TV Smart VIERA, smartphones, home theater system, LUMIX digital cameras and camcorders. The release of smartphones in Europe Last year, Panasonic announced its plans to manufacture smartphones in Europe. According to them, to March 31, 2016 sales of smartphones abroad will reach 15 million units. Smart VIERA At the Convention Panasonic introduced LCD TVs with LED backlight new generation of Smart VIERA and a new line of plasma TVs of 2012. Based on five basic principles - the image quality, network capabilities, ease of use, design and sustainability - TVs Panasonic Smart VIERA allow users to easily search for desired content on the Internet to view it, to communicate and share information. All models are made of stylish and eco-friendly high quality materials. Announced new models of LCD TVs with LED backlight Smart VIERA features an intuitive interface of the new generation. They include the 55-inch model of the series WT50 is the largest LED TV, which ever released by Panasonic. This same interface is used in most plasma models Panasonic 2012, including the flagship VT50 series are characterized by outstanding image quality in both 2D and 3D format. LUMIX The new line of cameras Panasonic LUMIX, which includes a number of compact digital cameras, as well as the popular system of LUMIX G cameras, includes the recently announced model LUMIX FT20 and LUMIX TZ30 is the most advanced compact camera Panasonic today. Panasonic also unveiled a line of ten models of HD camcorders with many new features and functions. Flagship model HC-X900, X900M and X800 provide maximum image quality in the history of Panasonic camcorders, thanks to the combination of technology 3MOS System Pro, lens Leica Dicomar technology Nano Surface Coating and processor speed Crystal Engine Pro II. Home audio/video system A number of innovative home AV systems with a new line of intelligent Smart Network Full HD 3D Blu-ray players with the flagship model DMP-BDT320, home cinema FULL HD 3D Blu-ray disc players, compact stereos and acoustic concept systems. Intelligent energy solutions Panasonic has demonstrated its willingness to become by 2018, thanks to its comprehensive energy solutions, environmental innovations N1 in the electronics industry. At the Convention Panasonic has announced that April will sell to European consumers led lighting. Demonstrated new led lamp with E27 socket, lamp candle E14 and award winning led bulb Nostalgic Clear. Panasonic will continue to develop other technologies of its comprehensive portfolio of intelligent green solutions, including solar panels HIT and the family of energy efficient heat pumps..

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