Presents the game "King's Bounty: warriors of the North" - Cell phones

Presents the game "1C-SoftClub" will be released role-playing game "King's Bounty: warriors of the North". This was announced on the next day the exhibition "IgroMir 2011". "Warriors of the North" - a continuation of the role of the King's Bounty series. The new product being developed by the internal division of "1C-SoftClub" and the famous Kaliningrad Studio Katauri Interactive. The project will only appear on PC in spring 2012". The game will be unprecedented allies and enemies, the hero will become available at more than one school of magic (Rune magic), as well as new skills, awards and achievements. We will tell about the adventures of the son of the king of Nordlingen Olaf. Powerful necromancers raised hordes of undead and occupied native icy wasteland, dwarven dungeons, and the Kingdom of Darion. "On the road to fame Olaf will face many dangerous enemies, find new friends and possibly find love," say the developers. At our disposal will be a mighty army, unique artifacts and magic. And when it becomes unbearable, you can call the Valkyries, capable of single shot to destroy the good half of the enemies. Prepared according to the materials of the company "1C-Softklab"..

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