Routers Cisco CRS-3 will help the backbone network, the largest operator of Holland - Cell phones

Routers Cisco CRS-3 will help the backbone network, the largest operator of Holland - Cell phonesThe largest Telecom operator in the Netherlands - KPN decided to buy a multi-system carrier-class routing features Cisco CRS-3. It will be installed in the Central part of the KPN network used by subscribers for peer-to-peer data exchange over the Internet. System CRS-3, installed in a clustered Internet environment KPN, will transmit on the Internet all IP traffic Dutch operator. Cisco CRS-3 has the highest performance in the industry. It is three times superior to the routers CRS-1, such as scalability and speed, and twice the level of intelligence in the processing of the main services data center. Cisco CRS-3 provides the customer a wide range of environmental and financial benefits. It significantly reduces the cost of delivering each Gigabit and significantly reduces the energy consumption compared to competing solutions. Router Cisco CRS-3, installed in the Central part of the KPN network, will provide the customer with the best in the industry efficiency, reduce power consumption and cooling requirements, and will also reduce the working space needed to support intelligent broadband services with rich functionality. Multi router Cisco CRS-3, 13 times exceeding capacity (up to 322 Tbps) of its nearest competitor, creates for KPN solution, ready for virtually unlimited scaling of the network in the future. This decision will be for many years to support continued growth of Internet traffic and network optimization and services without additional upgrade systems. All Internet traffic KPN will pass through two supporting networked systems. The current network architecture KPN in accordance with Cisco agreement will be updated and modernized until 2020. Cisco predicts that by 2015 the number of devices connected to the network, will exceed 15 billion, more than double the population of our planet, and the total amount of global Internet traffic will grow fourfold to 966 exabytes per year. Another study, organized by the Cisco company ("Index visual networking technologies Cisco: forecast of global mobile traffic 2010-2015"), suggests that by 2015 the share of the video will account for two thirds of the world's mobile data traffic associated with data transmission. The volume of mobile video traffic will grow annually by more than half..

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