Release shooter Inversion rescheduled for June - Cell phones

Release shooter Inversion rescheduled for June - Cell phonesThe third person shooter Inversion, announced in October 2009, will go on sale in June. The release was held back in February, but, as you can see, this has not happened. As a new date publisher Namco Bandai Games calls on 5 June for the New world and the 8th is for the Old. Developer - American Studio Saber Interactive, the latest draft of which was deservedly forgotten game TimeShift. The novelty will release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. "This is Gears of War with gravity gun," the developers explain. On humanity again encroach. Enemies change gravitation deform the surface of the planet, sent under clouds skyscrapers. Typical hero alone is not able to put up with it and starts his own war for the salvation of men. According to the developers, the single player campaign is already done, but additional time will be spent on the development of competitive and cooperative multiplayer"..

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