Action about fighting zombies the student will be released in June - Cell phones

Action about fighting zombies the student will be released in June - Cell phonesWarner Bros Interactive has called time release action Lollipop Chainsaw, according to VG24/7. In American stores, the game will appear on 12 June, while European players will be able to get it a day later. At home in Japan, the project will go on sale June 14. Previously, publishers had planned that Lollipop Chainsaw will be released in may, but then the release had to be postponed. Game developing Studio Grasshopper Manufacture, led by Japanese game designer, Haiti Sugoi, also known as Suda51. Over the soundtrack Lollipop Chainsaw is a Japanese composer Akira Yamaoka, who previously wrote the music for the video game series Silent Hill. In the work on the script of the game was attended by James Gunn - Hollywood film Director and screenwriter (in its asset - "dawn of the dead", "slug", "tromeo and Juliet"). According to VG24/7, to announce the heroine of the game is Tara strong. Among her latest works - Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham City, Justin in Shadows of the Damned. Interestingly, in Japan heroine Lollipop Chainsaw voice two Actresses - Yoko of Hikasa (her voice you hear gamers playing on PS3) and ERI Kitamura (it works on version games for Xbox 360). Action Lollipop Chainsaw takes place in a high school, San Romero after all the students turn into zombies. To fight them you have to Juliet Starling, who previously was a member of the local team of cheerleaders. It is a talking head, a former boyfriend Juliet nick (he had to finish after nick was bitten by a zombie). The main opponent high school girl with a chainsaw is her classmate-warlock Swan, which caused the zombie epidemic..

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