Xbox 360 will not see RPG Torchlight II - Cell phones

Xbox 360 will not see RPG Torchlight II - Cell phonesDevelopers from Runic Games is not going to release the action-RPG Torchlight II on Xbox Live Arcade. Executive Director Runic Max Schaefer (Max Schaefer) stated that due to some technical limitations of the Xbox 360 is the second part of Torchlight will remain a PC exclusive, at least for a while. "In the case of the first part, everything was easier, we could be limited to "port," explains Mr. Schaefer. If Torchlight 2 will ever appear on a MS console, it will be completely redesigned game that has nothing to do with the original. The second part requires a lot of hardware resources, and an old Xbox 360 "simply cannot cope with the processing of the most complex scenes with large numbers of opponents." In addition, Microsoft has specific requirements for volume of distribution. "The size of the game is that on Xbox Live it will not miss," continued the head of Runic. For such projects, Microsoft only provides traditional disk releases. But to offend pristavochkoj developers are not going, promising to think about solving the problem. While all efforts are in the PC version, the release of which will take place before the end of the year. "Right after that we want to transfer the game to "Macs"," added developers..

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