Glasses-the smartphone will be released later this year - Cellular phones

Glasses-the smartphone will be released later this year - Cellular phonesGoogle in the near future can solve people's problems, often losing mobile phones. American Corporation is preparing to launch futuristic glasses that will embody all the features of the best smartphone right before the eyes of man. If successful American developers in the market of gadgets you can expect a new revolution. Glasses-Google smartphone has a built-in screen. The display is transparent, so it will be placed in the side frames so as not to obscure the person overview. The device also attach some buttons (their purpose is not disclosed), camera with built in flash and microphone for conducting telephone conversations. Revolutionary innovation will be what to do Internet surfing or check your e-mails will be without hands. The management screen technological innovation will be implemented using the virtual "mouse", movable with a slight tilt of the head. Google say that the function is quite simple and will not be visible to others. Work points computer based on the operating system Google used in tablets and smartphones connected to the Internet via 3G and 4G. The novelty will appear GPS technology and motion sensors that will allow you to get instant information on the required route. Glasses are being developed in secret research labs in California. Presumably, they will go on sale before the end of 2012, and their price ranges from $250 to $600, which is cheaper than Apple's iPhone, which became in due time a revolution in the market of gadgets. Most likely, Google will represent points in their conference, to be held in June. However, it is not known whether the new product advertising, and if so, how the company is going to put it in your device. If all the above is implemented, different advertisements may start to appear directly before the eyes of man. There is no information about the use of this privacy policy and the voltage level to the eye when wearing these glasses..

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