Producer Diablo III has gone from Blizzard - Cell phones

Producer Diablo III has gone from Blizzard - Cell phonesSenior producer for Diablo III Steve Parker left the Studio Blizzard after five years of work. He said this in his Twitter. The producer did not specify what reasons prompted him to leave the company and what he intends to do next. Blizzard has already started to look for someone who will replace Parker: on the company's website has a vacancy senior producer of the game. Official comment regarding the departure of producer Blizzard has not yet been reported. Diablo III was announced in 2008 for release on PC and Mac. It was assumed that the project will release in 2011, but the developers he was repeatedly postponed. Currently, the exact release date in Diablo III there is, however, Blizzard promises to release the game in the first half of 2012. In addition to the release of Diablo III for PC Studio is working on a console version of the game. However, officially it was never announced. on January 19, the head of team Diablo III, Jay Wilson posted on the project blog entry about what the Studio wants to make the game mechanics of the project significant changes. The game will disappear scrolls of identification, the Mystic artisan and several items that were used for processing things gaming. Wilson also noted that the team decided to change the system of skills and runes in the game. As suggested by journalists, the head of the developers thus made clear that the release of Diablo III can be again postponed..

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