Came the first details about Dead Space 3 - Cell phones

Came the first details about Dead Space 3 - Cell phonesAn anonymous source close to the Studio Visceral Games, shared information about the game Dead Space 3. The project has not even been announced, and the Network has already appeared the first plot details. It happened last week, when the channel Israeli TV showed footage Studio EA Redwood: into the frame of the logo and the outline of the mentioned games. However, both then and now publisher Electronic Arts declined to comment. So, according to anonymous, we will once again play as engineer Isaac Clarke. In the second part of the hero barely escaped death, Ulianov with space station captured horrific necromorphs. In the game, his ship was wrecked on the ice planet Tau Velandis. There we find a strange research complex, in which a group of scientists versed with certain mystical technology. You will need to save a few people who were with us on the planet, and to win collective intelligence". The development is carried out for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360..

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