A new line of digital cameras with telephoto lens and Wi-Fi Samsung - Cell phones

A new line of digital cameras with telephoto lens and Wi-Fi Samsung - Cell phonesSamsung Electronics, the world leader in the field of digital technologies and digital convergence, announces the launch of a new line of digital cameras with telephoto lens and Wi-Fi support, which is ideal for travel and tourism. Model WB850F, WB150F and ST200F have a powerful optical zoom and high image quality. Thanks to the support of Wi-Fi the new camera will allow users to share their photos with friends or post them on a photo sharing site, anywhere in the world where there is wireless connectivity. Due to its wide features new zoom Samsung camera having a compact, lightweight and rugged, will be a useful companion on any journey. Innovative SMART Wi-Fi changes the approach to taking and storing photos. Users of the new digital cameras with this technology no longer have to worry about wires and cables, to transmit the image to your computer. Auto Backup will automatically save images to the hard disk using the Wi-Fi connection. You do not even have to worry about turning the computer. Everything will be done automatically, just 1 time to set up the connection. Another advantage of the new digital cameras is the ability free upload data to cloud services Samsung's AllShare Play and Microsoft SkyDrive. Thanks to these services to users anywhere and at any time will be available to their pictures. And even if during the journey, not the time runs out space on your memory card, copy the data to a cloud service will rescue and save valuable staff. As you know, one of the best components of any trip is the opportunity to share their emotions with friends and family. New digital zoom of the Samsung SMART camera-enabled wireless connections make this process easier and more enjoyable than ever. Being within range of an access point Wi-Fi, users will be able to send your pictures by e-mail or post them on social services like Facebook, Picasa, and videos on YouTube. Model WB850F, equipped with a GPS receiver, which works in conjunction with the service of "Living Tag" (Live Landmark), allows one click to download maps and useful information about nearby objects (Point of Interest), making any trip more enjoyable and comfortable. Digital compass, mounted in the camera, also enables you to determine the user's location and its distance from certain geographic locations. As for downloading and viewing maps in the model WB850F is a special function MapView. For those users who have no need to use Wi-Fi to transfer and exchange data, Samsung offers a simplified modification of the camera WB150 and ST200 without support for this function. Also like their predecessors, the new digital camera WB850F, WB150F and ST200F with powerful zoom lenses allow you to capture in the frame even the most distant objects or the most minute details. Model WB850F is the best today, for compact cameras Samsung, optics with a 21-fold increase. Other news also equipped with some of the most advanced zoom lenses with high magnification of: model WB150F - 18-fold superzoom, and the model ST200F is a powerful 10x zoom. For crisp and detailed images of all new models are equipped with a matrix of high resolution (for example, in WB850F - 16.2-megapixels). In addition, the model WB850F set matrix with advanced back-illuminated BSI CMOS to reduce the level of noise and distortion, even in low light conditions. The model is equipped with a large AMOLED display diagonal of 3 inches, allowing users to see the images in detail. Whether it's a video of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro or a good panorama from the roof of the highest building in the world - friends will see it first. New cameras with Wi-Fi allow you to share directly from the device not only your photos, but also video in high resolution. Model WB850F is able to record impressive videos with Full HD resolution (1080/30p), and model WB150F and ST200F with HD resolution (720/30p). Users can be sure that the brightness and color will remain on the video as realistic as possible. Innovative technology Motion Photo opens up opportunities to create a truly unique subjects taken: for example, a person walking through the frozen crowd of other people, or the only tree in the forest, hanging in the wind. This technology focuses on the movement of the subject, while the other elements in the frame will remain stationary. After shooting the video, you can immediately edit and send to your friends, even without connecting the camera to the computer. Technology Motion Photo fitted model ST200F. With the new Samsung cameras control over getting the best shots is completely in the hands of users. Manual shooting modes in models WB850F WB150F and allow experienced photographers to fully display their skills. Optical image stabilization OIS installed in all new models on the line, helps to get clear images regardless of the shooting conditions. Smart mode Smart Auto 2.0 analyzes key elements of your composition then automatically adjusts shooting settings to get brilliant results. The shooting mode, Live Panorama in the camera WB850F, WB150F and ST200F allows you to make impressive panoramic photos from the beautiful mountain landscapes to large group portraits. In order to obtain high-quality panoramic image, you just need to take the camera from left to right or top to bottom, while holding down the shutter button. New cameras come with a number of special functions and modes, which allow users to make their photo albums about the journey more interesting and creative. The Split Shot is possible to combine three frames into a single photo to create a really interesting picture. In mode, Magic Frame, users can place the subject in one of the preset background images, like a movie poster or the cover of a fashion magazine. Picture-in-picture (Picture in Picture) allows you to combine multiple images in one memorable collage. Another feature which makes the images more memorable is "Funny picture" (Funny Face), designed to create fun photos in the style of a distorting mirror: technology tracking Face Tracking) recognize the contours of the face and watching his movements, and comfortable 5-band management allows you to capture more fun..

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