Google launched a service evaluation of Russian roads - Cell phones

Google launched a service evaluation of Russian roads - Cell phonesGoogle together with the portal presented service "Roads of Russia", allowing to assess the quality of the road surface. The company said during a press conference on Thursday, March 15. The project consists of two parts: application for mobile devices based on Android and website The application using the built-in smartphone digital compass analyzes the vibration of the suspension of the vehicle and transmits this information to the server for further processing. The app will determine the type of move and will evaluate traffic conditions only in the case when the user is traveling by car. The developers emphasize that care about saving battery life: GPS connection will be disconnected if it is not needed. The result of gathering information about the quality of the roads displayed on the website. Depending on the quality of the road pavement on the map will be painted in one of four colors: green ("good") to dark red (unsatisfactory). Also on the website available statistics service: how many kilometres of roads was valued chart pavement quality, dynamics and rating new data on cities. Map of road quality available in a mobile application. Also, the user can upload pictures of pavement defects, and these pictures will also appear on the map after the procedure moderation. Then other users can vote to fix the defect and tell about it to his "frandom" in the social network Google . While data on the quality of roads available for seven Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Rostov-on-don. A similar project was launched in may 2011 Alexey Navalny. Service Rosyama allows you to publish on the website the pictures pavement defects and automatically make complaints to the relevant road service. A Google representative did not rule out the possibility of cooperation with "Rosemay"..

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