Max Payne 3 will remain without a demo (video) - Cell phones

Max Payne 3 will remain without a demo (video) - Cell phonesIn order to stop all the rumors and dreams, strict Rockstar Games announced that the action Max Payne 3 "demo!". Clear. You are worse Rockstar. "No, we are not planning to release a demo," said the developers in the Twitter-blog of the company. Well, let's wait for the release, which, by the way, nothing: may 15, the game will hit PS3 and Xbox 360 in the USA and Canada, 18th in Europe. PC users again last: North Americans are waiting until may 29, Europeans until 1 June. The project was developed by Rockstar Vancouver with the assistance of the New England-London - and Toronto-Rockstar studios. The distribution will not give Take-Two Interactive. The third part is prescribed to be in Sao Paulo. The hero, who fled from new York, got a job in security company and is now working on a Rodrigo Branco. But from the past not to leave: the wife of Rodrigo kidnapped, and we take old, because itchy conscience and hands..

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