Reporters learned the name of the new game Agent 47 - Cell phones

Reporters learned the name of the new game Agent 47 - Cell phonesSiliconera discovered that publisher Square Enix has filed an application for registration of the trademark Hitman: Profession. As suggested by the portal, the company decided to register the name of the next game Agent 47. Itself Square Enix this information is not yet commented. Previously, the main developer of games Hitman series, the Swedish Studio IO Interactive, has announced that the next project is about the killer will not develop it, and the canadian Studio Square Enix Montreal, owned by the publisher. As told in an interview with Gamasutra Chapter IO Interactive Nils Sorensen (Niels Sorensen), IO Interactive will be divided into two parts: multiple developers will join the team next Hitman, and the rest will develop a new original game. According to the authors Siliconera, project Square Enix Montreal and will be Hitman: Profession. Currently, IO Interactive is preparing to release another game about Agent 47. Hitman: Absolution is to be released in 2012 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Held in early December ceremony Spike VGA developers showed a new trailer for the game. He can be seen here. Game of the assassin aka Agent 47's come out since 2000. Hitman: Absolution will be the fifth part of a series. In 2007 came the film "Hitman". The main character in it was played by actor Timothy Oliphant..

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