Halo 4 is created only for Xbox 360 - Cell phones

Halo 4 is created only for Xbox 360 - Cell phonesProject Manager Halo 4 Frank O'connor (Frank O'connor) approved the final list of platforms. It only Xbox 360. What we wanted to prove. And to prove it was necessary because the Network somehow started to say that the development is carried out for the next generation Xbox. "Informed" anonymous, allegedly related to the project, assured that the new console will appear simultaneously with the game - presumably, at the end of 2012. Well, all this is a groundless fiction. "Halo 4, which will be released only on Xbox 360 uses a modified version of the engine from the previous games in the series," he stopped all discussion, Mr. O'connor. Halo 4 launched in the Studio 343 Industries. Moreover, the work is not going well: in early September, the project and the company left the creative Director Ryan Python (Ryan Payton). "After a few years... I just lost all interest in the game," said Mr. Python. Herself Halo 4 remains a mystery. What is clear is that the game will open a new trilogy. Play will again for the Master chief, who will go to some unknown alien world... Prepared according to VG247..

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