The authors develop Shank ninja game (video) - Cell phones

The authors develop Shank ninja game (video) - Cell phonesThe development is game Mark of the Ninja, according to Studio Klei Entertainment, you know on a series of action Shank. The success of both parts of the Shank, the latter of which was released on 7 February, has pushed developers to create a similar project. Mark of the Ninja is a stylish two-dimensional stealth platformer for the Xbox 360". So far, the game is declared only for MS-console, but if you remember Shank 2, understand: the novelty will probably take the PC and PS3. Xbox 360 project will release in the summer; it will be a digital release on Xbox Live Arcade. The player will be one of the silent ninja. The boss, the master of Azay, sends the hero on the hunt for some people. What did they do? - It does not concern us: have a goal and a few solutions. The hero is hiding, it will teach you to climb walls, ceilings and so forth, will provide weapons and devices... More details about the game will tell you "a little later". But now you can look at the official website and get a little old school quest text..

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