From paper to screen: using the Cisco video technologies improves the quality of higher education - Cell phones

From paper to screen: using the Cisco video technologies improves the quality of higher education - Cell phonesIn the US teachers and students use Cisco for recording, processing and transmission of video content Educational institutions seek to use existing resources to prepare graduates for productive work in a competitive economy of the XXI century. Under these conditions, critical for the learning process to acquire the video, moreover, that the use of network technologies and highly scalable video applications helps the universities to remain competitive. Modern learning environments are increasingly involves not only the classes under the guidance of the teacher, and virtual interaction, so these American universities, as the Lone Star College and University West Texas A&M, installing, deploying Cisco, giving the ability to record, process and transmit educational materials. on 19 October during the annual EDUCAUSE conference, Cisco announced a new solution - Cisco Lecture Vision that allows teachers to create educational materials, edit them and send students. Unlike point solutions available on the market today, Cisco Lecture Vision helps customers with maximum efficiency to use existing campus network and technology. This solution allows to: - to record lectures with high resolution and send them to the students at any place at any time on any device, including PCs, smartphones and tablet computers. to simplify the editing of content to improve the quality of the video; - create a video library with simple functions, indexing, archiving, and access to stored video data; to support the joint work of students and teachers over the written content and materials acquired in the live mode (comments in social networks, create bookmarks, and so on); - easy to integrate with Cisco Pulse- - Dudutki, allowing you to quickly find the video content and the author; as a result, the user quickly gets to the part of the video, which is for him the greatest interest; - to integrate and interoperate with existing learning resources, including the use of interactive whiteboards to record the information; it gives the ability of educational institutions to protect the investment made in the traditional solution. Cisco Lecture Vision meets the specific requirements of teachers and students due to the excellent integration, simplifying the implementation process. Here are the main components of this solution: the input device (for recording you can use any video camera with a coding system Cisco); server Cisco TelePresence content-enabling recording, streaming, and video editing for publication using Cisco Show and Share; - Cisco MXE 3500 (Media Experience Engine), allows you to convert videos of any type in various media formats, use the additional information functions, such as connecting trailers and bumpers, and send video content to any device in the live mode or in writing; - digital displays, with whose help the video content can be easily stream digital advertising and information panels Cisco Digital Signs, Cisco TelePresence, as well as on desktop computers, mobile devices and interactive whiteboards; integrated Analytics Cisco Pulse Video (enables searching of video content on behalf of the speaker and key words, greatly facilitates navigation and navigate to the video); - Cisco WebEx and Cisco TelePresence these solutions support the full immersion of the user in the virtual learning environment from any device and can turn any educational display, projector and interactive whiteboard in place virtual meetings with high-definition video (1080 lines of progressive scan); - technology media networks (Cisco architecture and best practices of this company in the field of video network infrastructure create a critical Foundation for the transmission of video traffic on a converged network). "Traditional forms and methods of teaching seriously change due to advances in technology and the changing needs of modern students, says a CIO College Lone Star Ball Ardalan (Shar Ardalan). In our College trained more than 85 thousand students. The introduction of technology Cisco Lecture Vision has not presented any problems for us, because it enables you to simply and effectively use existing video resources". Video attracts attention much more than printed materials, increasing the efficiency of communications and training, - says the chief technology officer of the University Our Lady of the Lakes Joseph Dec (Joseph Deck). Video is rapidly becoming the primary way to obtain information and training, and our University must adapt to the new requirements of the trainees. We use Cisco Lecture Vision to provide students with access to exciting content, regardless of their location". Video plays a very important role in our information technology strategy, " says J. Deck main CIO University West Texas A&M James Webb (James Webb). - Teaching and learning beyond the classroom. Video is the technology that everyone understands without prior training. It makes our campus in the learning environment of the XXI century"..

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