In Mass Effect 3 co-op mode - Cell phones

In Mass Effect 3 co-op mode - Cell phonesIn the action-RPG Mass Effect 3 will be able to pass some missions in cooperative mode. It is officially confirmed in his Twitter the project's producer Casey Hudson (Casey Hudson). Also information about the cooperative mode appeared on the official BioWare forum. Representatives of the Studio said that ME3 will be the system Galaxy at War, designed to pass in co-op teams of four people. PC owners will be able to team up online, and console gamers will play through services Xbox Live and PSN. According to the developers, Galaxy at War is one way to affect the final game. How often players will work together to defeat enemies, depends on the so-called "galactic readiness" (Galactic Readiness) - key elements of the game that is required to defeat the Reapers. However, as explained BioWare, players who prefer a single passage, will be able to increase the "readiness" in other ways. The developers also said that in Galaxy at War players will have to create new characters: the characters in the single player campaign in co-op mode will be available. Rumors that Mass Effect 3 will have multiplayer mode, regularly appeared in the press, but until recently the developers insisted that the play can only be alone. Multiplayer Mass Effect 3 "declassified" Australian journal PowerPlay, which was posted on its website an announcement article dedicated to him. Release the final part of the adventures of commander Shepard and his companions were appointed on 6 March 2012. The game will be released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The game was announced last December. The original release was scheduled for the fall of 2011, but then the developers have moved it to the first quarter of 2012..

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