November 1 MMO game DC Universe Online will be free - Cell phones

November 1 MMO game DC Universe Online will be free - Cell phonesMassively multiplayer superhero game DC Universe Online will be free from tomorrow (November 1) day, the company said Sony Online Entertainment. The owners decided that for further development of the project and increase the client base you need to change the payment scheme. In the end, instead of monthly payments on the subscription appears optional microtransactions in-game store. The client module of the project will be published in open access. The changes will affect both the PC and PS3 version. However, free DC Universe Online has some limitations: only two slots for characters equipment of smaller size, the absence of free add-ons, the inability to trade with other players and create your own faction. Of course, for more money all at the same time it appears. Those who will continue to pay $15 per month, will provide unlimited access to the entire functionality of the current and future updates and add-ons..

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